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dmd 2.032 release

Version D 2.032 Sep 2, 2009
New/Changed Features

* synchronized member functions now implicitly typed as shared.
* std.algorithm: added minPos
* std.format: added raw specifier for reading
* added File.byChunk
* std.algorithm: added more unittests and checks for user-based comparison passed to topN
* std.math: replaced std.c with core.stdc; improved approxEqual to work with ranges, not only numbers or arrays
* std.range: defined Take.popBack whenever sensible; improved iota to accept negative ranges and steps
* Improved exception message for assert(0) in Windows -release builds
* Added support for:

      a[i].var = e2


      a[] = e

in CTFE. (thanks, Don!)
* Member functions can now be used in CTFE
* Operator overloading can now be used in CTFE
* Nested functions can now be used in CTFE
* CTFE error messages now explain why the function could not be interpreted at compile time