...ing logging 4.0




New/Changed Features

  • Transformed all of string, wstring, and dstring into invariant definitions. Tons of changes in function signatures and implementations rippled through the standard library. Initial experience with invariant strings seems to be highly encouraging.
  • Implemented Overload Sets for functions and templates.
  • Added the std.getopt module that makes standards-conforming command-line processing easy.
  • Added the parse and assumeUnique to the std.conv module.
  • Added the dirEntries function to the std.file module.
  • Added the basename and dirname functions (which alias the less gainful names getBaseName and getDirectoryName to the std.path module.)
  • Added optional terminator to readln; added the convenience functions fopen and popen; added functions lines and chunks; all to the std.stdio module.
  • Added the munch function to the std.string module.
  • Fixed isStaticArray; added BaseClassesTuple, TransitiveBaseTypeTuple, ImplicitConversionTargets, isIntegral, isFloatingPoint, isNumeric, isSomeString, isAssociativeArray, isDynamicArray, isArray; all to the std.traits module.
  • Added the std.variant module.
  • Incorporated many of the Tango GC structural differences (much more to go still).
  • Added the std.contracts module.
  • Breaking change: std.stdio.writef can now only accept a format as its first argument.
D Runtime Library

赤字の変更とか鬼か! とにかく変更のメリットを説明してくれー.